You Got Style

Hellos fellow Bloggers, once again Im fashionably late to the party. Which is sort of my story with my #style. You see I was a little behind when it came to developing my own style because it took me so long to interact with the so called “virtual world”. When it comes to my style I believe that Im pretty even keeled. Im not updating my #Facebook, #Twitter, or blog very often as you can plainly see. I normally keep things short and to the point, which is one of the first things I noticed when reading #140characters. Dom Sagolla mentioned that simplicity hides great complexity.

I think he obviously has a point. When it comes to Texting, Twitter, and Facebook, saying less is more. It is mean to be short and to the point. I mean if you look at most of the tweets today, they are abbreviated and right to the point and sometimes so abbreviated that I have no clue what people are talking about. The way I look at #social media is more for recreational purpose. You see Teenagers and young adults using the social media based web way more than the generation above them. I mean dont get me wrong Social media is still used for work purposes but I has been taken over by teenagers and young adults. I see it as something used more for laying around and being able to feel connected, since everyone today is so ADD that they need three different things going one at once. A perfect example is when people watch TV, think about how many times you have the TV on while you are on your computer and have your cell phone laying next to you.

I think that there is no bad way to utilize the internet or style of communication do the fact that it is always evolving. Sure right now there are more effective ways of using social media such as for marketing and communication. With the way the web is developing it is hard to tell how long a persons style or voice will stay the some. #ec457

One Response to You Got Style

  1. alilengraf says:

    I also think Sagola has a point. I had to laugh out loud while reading this, because I had the TV on, sitting on my computer and reading your post on my phone. Bahaha, so true. 🙂

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