Five years ago I would not have dreamed of having a phone with capabilities of todays newest technologies. Heck, five years ago I would have thought a computer with no actual key board was bananas. Or I would have thought having the internet on my phone was impossible for that matter. But, we live in a world of endless possibilities.

Technology is progressing so rapidly, even the baby boomers are coming around(Mansfield,72). Most nonprofit organizations are using outlets such as Facebook, twitter and other social media sites to their advantage in spreading their words of help, need and donations. A current non-profit organization site I am following on twitter is MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) https://twitter.com/MuseumModernArt This organization is a very well-known and highly visited museum in the world. I had the privilege of visiting  in 2005. Coincidently, while on my plane ride to New York,  I spotted a brochure highlighting the museum…

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About hflute
Heather is currently teaching two sections of English 120 at NDSU while on a journey through academic enlightenment through the path of English Composition. She is passionate about reading a variety of books and is always excited to become encapsulated in an engaging research project. She also loves coffee and puns.

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