Creating a “History” Page

Using the NSCA’s informative brochure, I tried to create an engaging, clear and concise history of the Sudanese conflict. Take a look! I struggled with tense because “Sudan”–as a country containing the southern region–doesn’t exist anymore. There’s Sudan and the Republic of Southern Sudan now. Additionally, I should find more statistics on the refugee/immigration rates. Hope everyone’s implementation is going well!.

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6 Responses to Creating a “History” Page

  1. kab13 says:

    I’d recommend trying to talk about the two countries with a single history. So, “The histories of Sudan and The Republic of Southern Sudan are closely tied, but on July 9, 2011, RSS became the world’s newest country. . . . ” I’d also ask NSCA if they really are supporting all Sudanese, or only Southern Sudanese. Finally, a local history might be even more relevant. You could point people to the big geo-politics, but visitors might be surprised to learn that Southern Sudanese have been in Fargo since 1994, you could link to the NYT’s famous story about the Lost Boys coming to Fargo, I could give you the LSS data on resettlement, and then you could try and find the 2010 census data, but apparently its a mess. I think NSCA likes to estimate 2,000 Southern Sudanese in Fargo. That’s probably higher than the census data will report.

    • northerndom says:

      Thanks for the feedback! I think I’ll try to do the single history more clearly then I did in the first draft. And there was some information about the local history on the brochure, but I thought I’d save most of that content for the “About” page… Is there a spot you think that content is more appropriate for?

      And yes, I think linking to other articles would be a great idea–there’s a lot of well-written material out there!

      Would you be free sometime on Mondaybetween 2-5 for office hours?

  2. kab13 says:

    PS: I really like the look the new site, although more images might make it more inviting.

  3. kab13 says:

    Did you find the nsca Facebook page? I realized that I was a friend.

  4. Kate Bladow says:

    I’d consider moving information about the organization itself to the About page and leaving this page the history of Sudan. It’ll mean that you can more clearly label the page History of Sudan. (Right now, I’d go to this page to look for history of the organization and be surprised to see the history of Sudan.) Also, you are going to need content for and it allows you to put the paragraph higher on a page, which means more people are likely to see it.

    While the reading level isn’t bad, any chance that you can bring it down a little? The average reading level on native English speakers is fifth grade, and people who read well don’t read online, they skim. You’ve got a couple of really long sentences that will get skipped over by both of those groups.

    • northerndom says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Kate! I think labeling “History of Sudan” is a helpful distinction–one to avoid confusion. And after I read your comment I tried to edit the content for more clarity and simplicity… Still a work in progress but it’s a good point–the audience I’m writing for is vast, as opposed to a narrow academic field.

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