Twitter and Blogging and Texts – Oh My!


Drunk Uncle SNL Drunk Uncle – SNL – Via Pinterest

If you’ve ever watched Drunk Uncle, as portrayed by Bobby Moynihan on Saturday Night Live (SNL),  reference technology in his bits, then you should be able to relate to the struggles I’ve gone through trying to acclimate both of my fathers to the ever-expanding array of ways to communicate electronically. I’m definitely not going to tell them to go read my blog for some guidance, because then, of course, I would have to explain what a blog is…and that’s not something I care to embark on with them today…or possibly ever for that matter.

Heck, trying to explain to my father what a QR Code was, and how his business could benefit from them, was painful enough! Five years later, I’m sure he’s still confused from that conversation. High five though, Dad…you’ve mastered the use of emoticons in SMS! (Much to my amusement 👍😆💪🏉) And kudos to my Papa…

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