Media Ecology

Camille Forlano

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Our choice of social mediums is dependent on our specific goal for our virtual presence. For my personal accounts, I try to keep them separate because I don’t want to share my crude tweet or Instagram pics being displayed on my Facebook wall for my coworkers to see. From a non-profit/business point of view, it is helpful

Social Mediato have many platforms connected in order to maintain a consistent online voice and transparency, but at the same time, SMSG also suggests that connecting and sharing everything across all platforms can be overkill. For example, Twitter has a different “pace” than Facebook; Twitter demands more upkeep and more frequency of posts. Facebook is better served for more sporadic postings that may be lengthier or more in-depth than a Twitter post. If a non-profit shares all their Tweets on their FB wall, their FB audience may become overwhelmed and decide…

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