I just spent 25 minutes looking at old Tweets

A Collection of work

Okay, my title is a lie. I’m still on Twitter reading old tweets and I am ashamed. 

I first joined the Twitter world in December of 2012, my senior year of high school. Between this, texting, and creating the perfect Instagram caption, I have some experience in short form.

(If you don’t catch the Unbreakable quote in this then I have failed as a caption writer.)

Also the Insta can be found here so yes here is another shameless plug like my pics I’m not a douche bag.

Anyway, back on track. Twitter is a site I frequently go on and use; its were I get a lot of news; follow advocates for movements I support; get my witty comments to the world so someone appreciates my humor; tag my friends in silly silly comments; stalk Prof.

When I think about what makes a successful Twitter page, I think of…

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