Kate Bladow talks about Networked Nonprofits

Case Foundation Book Party

Case Foundation Book Party (Photo credit: cambodia4kidsorg)

I asked Kate Bladow (pictured to the right, holding NNP)  if she would share her thoughts on networked nonprofits because:

1. She is an NDSU grad who I know primarily through social networking, although I finally met her in September of 2012. Our friendship / collaborations illustrate the power of social media.

2. She has taken a class /workshop with Beth Kanter, one of our authors, and she currently works with non profits, helping them with their social media strategies.

She recorded a video for the 2012 class that is still relevant.  It is inside a Google Doc; follow the link below.   I hope you have questions / want to seek advice from her,  and you can interact with her a couple of ways:

1. Through the comments section below.

2. You can post something to your blog, feed it to Twitter, and add @kbladow to connect with Kate.

3. You can go to the Google+ link and have a conversation (or hangout) there.

4. You might be able to add comments and have a question right on the Google Doc.

Kate Bladow’s video talk

Strategic Planning Resources

Kate  mentions the following resources:

2 Responses to Kate Bladow talks about Networked Nonprofits

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  2. Kate Bladow says:

    Hi, I’m looking forward to your thoughts and questions! – K

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