One Day I Could Potentially Make a Difference

Michelle Jacobson

netflix2I canceled my subscription to Netflix almost six months ago, maybe more. I have contemplated paying the eight dollars a month or whatever it costs now but I decided that it worth the money because I didn’t really have time to watch it anyways.

My mom has an Amazon Prime account that she gave me the password to. The selection on there isn’t the best but I’ve made do; I’ve watched five seasons of Workaholics at least three times because it’s one of the only TV shows on there that I enjoy watching.

Even though I’ve ran out of new shows to watch, I haven’t given up and gotten a subscription to Netflix. One thing that Amazon does is it picks out movies for you based on what you’ve watched. There’s one movie that I recently watched that got me thinking about blogging more often.

bluestateThe movie, Blue State, is…

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