Considering Information From Two Good Books



I have scanned, read, and reviewed both ‘Content Strategy (For The Web)’ (CS) and ‘The Networked Nonprofit’ (NNP). Although information in the two books is presented in ways that are comparative and contrasting, both books have exceptional information for creating content and engaging audiences for an excellent web presence. Because of the major theme in our class, I read both books while contemplating nonprofits specifically, but CS’s tone could easily fit a nonprofit or a private company. I am not saying a for-profit company couldn’t use NNP, but it was written specifically for nonprofits as stated directly in the title whereas, CS specifically mentions both private companies and nonprofits intermittently throughout the book. I am also not trying to state because CS may not have been written specifically for a nonprofit it is not as strongly written, I just feel it was left more open to a larger audience who…

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