Say More with Less

Jessica Heuer

00-shh-1.jpgBecause Austin Powers is hilarious

I think one of the key strategies that non-profits can utilize is keeping their message simple and therefore easily sharable.  The Networked Nonprofit highlights this in chapter 10, discussing charity: water as a nonprofit who has been extremely successful just by keeping things simple.  Their message is easy to understand and can easily be shared in under 140 characters, “charity: water creates clean water in developing countries”.

I think more important than the short character limit is its ability to create a meaningful message is a very short phrase.  Looking at the nonprofits we worked with this semester, I feel like many get caught up in the details of their history, how they got started, what they have done etc.  These are definitely important to the organization and should be shared but I think that developing a short mission statement-type phrase (like charity: water) in…

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