Putting One Foot In Front Of The Other

A Collection of work

This last Monday I was sitting at an interview trying to convince the young professionals across from me that I would be a great fit for their team and company. About half way through one of them asked me “What motivates you?”.

Que me blank staring into the camera like The Office.

Like the yuppie (in training) I am, I answered the question in a serious and professional manner and the interview continued. However, in the past 6 days I have been continually going back to it, what does motivate me?

Flashback to 2013, after graduating high school and enrolling in my first semester, getting out of Moorhead was my main motivator.

The following year, getting back to school and not dropping out (again) kept me going.

This year, however, it has been a little more complicated. I had a  lot of motivation this fall for a lot of different reasons, and…

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