Having a Clear Message and Voice

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Miscommunication is a common problem in today’s society, especially with technology. Its often hard to read the tone of the writer when online, and this can lead to miscommunication by not being able to tell if the writer is being sarcastic, just joking around, actually angry, or any other possible emotion. This led to the creation of multiple different methods to express the tone of the statement. One great example is emoji’s found on almost every phone and social media site. Other is one that we met not even notice that we do. We all have unspoken rules we texting now, like how sending a text with a period at the end can imply unhappiness, like “fine.” or “OK.”.

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A fun quote I remember from the Netflix show “Unbreakable” states “the internet doesn’t talk like normal people, it talks like Chandler from Friends”. Implying the sarcastic tone that many online…

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