#youmattertome and the Power of #hashtags


The ability to use social media in an effective way is a priceless skill in this modern internet era. To be able to post a single post and have hundreds or thousands of people share it offers an untouchable amount of power in the social sphere. It can give an organization a strong arm to develop a fan base and community of supporters much faster than their cohorts who are trying to work towards the same goals. A quote from Mansfield highlights this notion that social media use is something that is instrumental to nonprofits. They write, “While big corporate brands and institutions of higher education were having meetings (and panic attacks) about whether they should risk using social media, nonprofits were already active on Myspace, YouTube, Flickr, and Facebook.” (Mansfield 17). This activity has allowed nonprofits that utilize this frontier to become well-connected and effective in the modern times…

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