Networks, Life, and Some Waters

A Collection of work

When asked a fun fact about myself, I always resort to the “I’ve attended four different universities” bit and watch as the crowd ponders how I’m still enrolled and on track at this point. Having attended so many colleges in different parts of the world has left me with a large contact list of people to call when it is 2AM and I’m crying on the bathroom floor of a gross bar (this, however, is a story for another time).

What does drinking vodka waters at 1AM with kiddos you won’t talk to in a year have to do with networking, though? Well, it has to do with connections; with bonding.

Do I like the taste? God no.

Do I like to people I get them with? Yes.

Do I like the nights we’ve shared and the stories we tell? Yes.

Those people and those connections are what get me…

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