Whats your network?

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When mapping an organization’s network, I noticed that the connections they have can reflect on the connections I have with other organizations. Chapter 3 in NNP talks about how the network can provide an inventory of content, and I feel like it can do the same for individual people, so why not judge myself.

My network is divided into 4 different categories, which are expenses (shopping), hobbies, work, and school. I like to think of my network as an intricate snowflake branching out in unique ways. The expenses branch has 2 sections of online (more like fun buying) and in store(needed items like food, cleaning supplies etc). For online, I interact with Ebay and Amazon. For in store shopping I rely on the cheap, 1 stop shop of Walmart.

The next branch is hobbies which is usually online sites and forums. For all my League of Legends information, I…

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