“Start with what you know. Start simple and small” -Dom Sagolla

TA's Teach Humanity

Social media, for me, is the ultimate communication tool. Not only does it allow you to connect with people you wouldn’t otherwise reach, social media allows information to spread at rapid-fire. With this in mind, certain strategies are important with communication in mind. Throughout this post I will waiver back and forth between strategies presented by certain authors, strategies I imploy and believe in, and strategies I would suggest to nonprofits to further their social media footprint. It’s important to note early on that my philosophy on social media will vary from advice I would give to a nonprofit wishing to communicate effectively via social media.

First and foremost, blogging is becoming a must-have within social media. Blogging may seem ‘old-school’ and Heather Mansfield addresses this directly in her book Social Media for Social Good, but with the rise of sites such as Tumblr and WordPress as I am…

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