Wanted: Tweeter



Twitter along with the short form are still a fairly new concept.  Poetry can be equally short in comparison, but never before has there been such strict limitations if you don’t count certain types of poetry; I’m thinking the number of lines and syllables for specific types of poetry.  Twitter tells its users that they can type 140 characters of anything they like, BUT, no more than that for a single post.  Interesting, I know – keeps people reading.  Encouragement for all types of creativity is quite prevalent on Twitter.  One can get away with pretty much anything without the worry of the grammar police scowling in one’s direction.  What are people tweeting though?  What specifically?  The answer is almost everything.  Headlines, updates on all types of topics and news, quotes, thoughts, brain-teasers, personal status updates, humor, calls to action, pictures, links, correspondence, and the list goes on and on…

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