Midterm Exam Essay 1


best non profit organizations

Social Media for Social Good discusses various tips for people and organizations to use social media, such as Facebook, Twitter or blogging. These are really famous social media that most people around the world are using all the time. The reason they mostly use those social media is that they want to do publicity for their own to let other people see, so there is no doubt that the specific tips must be utilized that can let people actually learn something from them when they are trying to calling for something.

Heather Mansfield is a person who has big impact on telling people what kind of tips should people use in social media. She presents that Web 1.0 is static, such as e-mail newsletters; Web 2.0 is dynamic, such as blog, Twitter; Web 3.0 is mobile, such as text messages, apps. For Facebook, she suggests organizations to upgrade their Facebook…

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