“You can’t label yourself with words, it is what you do everyday that defines you” -Raimy Diaz

TA's Teach Humanity

One of my first blog posts focused on my online avatar or my online self. I focused more on who I am online rather than who I wish to be and at the time I didn’t see myself changing much. I focused on letting others speak for me and hoped that my personality was evident within the tweets that I retweeted or the Facebook posts that I shared and people would look at these shared pieces and connect them to me. Earlier this evening, speaking with my fiancé about changing some of the pictures hanging from our walls in our living room I went to open Pinterest and he responded, criticising me, wishing for me to be original in my actions and become the person whose pin gets repinned over and over. I sat and thought about how right he was, that as original I am in my every…

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