Lets Get Personal

A Collection of work

“There is a poem in every pint of Guinness” -A Brilliant Person, probably.

I don’t really remember the first time I picked up a pencil and wrote a short story, or a poem. However, I do distinctly remember the first time I read the comments from an English teacher of mine telling me what I had produced was well written and thoughtful.

In my first post I discussed how I refuse to post any of my person writings online out of fear that they’ll be quickly shot down and rejected.

My senior year, as per-usual, I experienced what is know as “Senioritis”, meaning I took exceptional easy classes and did minimal work. My last semester of my senior year I had already signed the forms and sent in the registration money to UNL and I was set to study Chemistry on a Pre-Med track. Seems pretty crazy, right? (See pic…

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