Ecology: A Social Media Perspective


a-transformed-media-environment Edelman Australia Blog

“Let’s connect!” – Ah, that common phrase that succinctly sums up the association among the various social media platforms available today. After all, isn’t that what “media ecology” is all about? How the different platforms connect to one another to form this social environment?  Absolutely!

The ecology, or environment, that social media sites have developed over the years all boils down to forging connections. Whether we’re forming new connections, rekindling old connections, or maintaining current connections, we’re all participating in the creation of this media ecology that has swept over our lives. – I’m sure you’ve observed a pattern here by now. You’re going to read the word ‘connection’ a lot. Get used to it! That’s the reality of this phenomenon we are all unwittingly participating in! –  Obviously, the type of connections made are up to the user, and we often choose certain platforms based on the type of…

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