Social Media & My Nonprofits

Jessica Heuer


I followed Adopt-A-Pet, Cultural Diversity Resources (CDR) and the Anne Carlsen Center (ACC) leading up to Giving Hearts Day (GHD). I organized a spread sheet to keep track of each nonprofit’s activity on social media, sorting how many posts were made per month, week and days leading up to GHD.
Focusing on the Anne Carson Center first, I noted that they posted new material to their Facebook page about 3 times per week throughout January. These posts were generally about new materials donated to the nonprofit or other progress regarding their center. Towards the end of January and into February (getting closer to GHD) Anne Carlsen posted more frequently but still maintained the same type of content. I think it may have been helpful for them to post more about what they were doing specifically for GHD during that week of February but they clearly still did very well, raising…

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