Long (blogs) and short (updates) forms

Leah Schmid

In week two in English 457 we are learning about Long form writing and short for writing. To learn about these two different types I am reading the book “Social Media For Social Good) by Heather Mansfield. First I read chapter 4 about twitter and I learned a few useful things

  • Twitter is the top recognized micro blogging platform
  • You are 90% less likely to be followed back if you leave your website field or bio blank because you look like a spammer
  • “Only one [out of 10 tweets] should be a direct request, such as subscribe to our e-newsletter, make a donation” etc.
  • Retweet and reply to others so they will retweet and reply to you
  • To gain followers when someone follows you, follow them back
  • “Tweet four to six times per day”

This is some of the information that I learned about Twitter that I had not known…

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