Less is More?

Jessica Heuer

Short style writing is quickly becoming the dominating style of choice when it comes to sharing ideas on the web and even in our lives off the web (i.e. texting). Dom Sagolla writes in his book, 140 Characters that “We must establish a form to this frontier [of writing] and develop 140 characters as a standard worthy of the word literature.”
Personally, I do not share Sagoll’s sentiments. I think that short style is used to such an extent that it is becoming second nature, infiltrating into the education system where students should be learning the foundations of real literature. Yes, it can be argued that short style is a new form of literature, used to quickly share important information from one source to another and perhaps this is true. However, no matter how meaningful the message, I find it hard to take someone seriously who writes, “dnte now 2…

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