“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing” -Benjamin Franklin

Hannah (Stevens) Honeyman

I don’t know if any one has noticed yet, but I love quotes and like to let other people speak the things that I am feeling (as I have stated before) so that is the reason for my quoted titles. I think they speak for themselves, and what I am about to write. Anywho, on to the content:


Long and short forms of writing can be one of the hardest things to learn, but once you do, I truly think you have become the writing genius. If you are able to transition from an blog post, academic paper, and tweet simultaneously, than my hat is off to you.

Social media can be a difficult thing. When I first started on social media, I found it easy to talk using emojis, or shortened words (ur, tho, lol) staying WELL below the character limits implemented (i.e. Twitter). As my writing progressed, I found it…

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