Styles of the Long and Short Form



Writing about the long form and short form of online communication in a blog seems appropriate to me.  I would think all of us in an electronic communications class have all sorts of experience with each.  I have taken other online classes that required to write short responses to different topics/questions, so writing a 400-word blog on a weekly basis is just par for the course.  Although condensing language is now heavily part of modern culture, I am still a part of the population that writes entire sentences when texting/messaging.  Years ago when texting became the rage, I did dabble in a few shortened forms of communication like changing ‘you’ to ‘u’ and still one of my favorites, using ‘ur’ instead of ‘you’re.’  I have to admit, I no longer engage in this lazy pop communication.  All my texts come in complete sentences and even include proper punctuation when appropriate. …

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