Who do I want to be online?

Camille Forlano

I filter the information people can know about me online while still trying to remain authentic. Coworkers and family have access to view my content, and although I know I can edit my privacy settings, I try to remain transparent without giving away too much. Aspects of my personal life I try to not flaunt or allude to on the internet to avoid any criticism. The aspects that I do wish to share to my general populace are more often than not highlights of my life; focusing on “shareable” moments that I am excited or passionate enough about to share. A majority of my FB “friends” are acquaintances at best. Knowing this, I try to censor my sob stories and keep those moments to people I actually interact with on a day-to-day basis.  I try to stay true to my Los Angeles (makes me sound tough but I am actually…

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One Response to Who do I want to be online?

  1. jessica758 says:

    I really agree with everything you said about your “online voice” and strive for the same persona. I am like a sample version of myself online ha ha. I also think its cool that you share important information about your work with veteran affairs.

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