What do I want to be online?

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In real life, I do not talk much. I only talk to those I feel comfortable and strive to say only what is necessary in front of those I do not know or feel comfortable around. When posting online, that goes away. This happens with a lot of people and can result in people posting things they might regret, because they forget to censor themselves before posting, especially during an emotional post.

While I admit there are some post I do wish I would have censored when I was younger (angsty teen days…..) But now I choose to speak my mind. I avoid posting political or controversial items, because while I do have a stance (everyone has a stance on any debate), that stance is my opinion and posting it online is just asking for the other side to start debating it. And I don’t want to get involved in…

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One Response to What do I want to be online?

  1. kab13 says:

    Great re-blog, Alex!

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