Network mapping for Impact Foundation

Heather practiced Network Mapping with the Impact Foundation.


The nonprofit organization I will be assessing is called Impact Foundation. For this assessment, I will be utilizing a technique called network mapping. With this technique, it will help in being able to distinguish the areas in which main ties are connecting the nodes (people and organizations), hubs and the networks edge or periphery in relation to the organization. In realizing who and where the hubs for the organization are, who the nodes in relation to the organization are, and where the networks edge is; it will be easier to pin-point how to provide further opportunity for the organization.

For starters I will define a few key words. Nodes are people or organizations. The organizations edge, or periphery is kind of like a little blind spot or grey area, so to speak. This area doesn’t get much attention but is should because it can be a valuable asset to the…

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