Map of LPCAP’s Network

To help you with your network mapping for the nonprofits you are working with, here is an example of a network map for the organization my group and I worked with when I took this class last year: Lakes and Prairies Community Action Partnership.

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 6.41.58 PM

To complete this map of the network, I did the following.  First, I checked their website for what organizations they worked with.  Then, I checked their Facebook page, looking at the people and organizations who liked their page.  I also looked at what links and events they shared, indicating which organizations they worked with.  There are more supporters than I listed, obviously.  I just picked some of the most influential people who liked the Facebook page, were attending an event, and had quite a few friends.  That way, there is a greater chance for networking.  I also looked at their Twitter page to see who they interacted with and shared about, who was following them, etc.  I also searched Facebook and Twitter for similar organizations that I thought LPCAP might benefit from reaching out to.  Those organizations are in the periphery but could be drawn into the network.

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