I pulled together some notes from NNP and CSW to share with you, and I suggest how they might be incorporated in the report you will be writing for your non-profit.

Kevin Brooks

Really specific things a consultant might do for a non-profit, especially in assessment and planning stage (the first stage).  Ideas drawn from The Networked NonProfit (NNP) and Content Strategy for the Web (CSW).  

1. Map an organization’s network (p. 30 NNP). Identify Hubs (active social networkers) and their ties to Nodes (less active social networkers). Identify the periphery and work towards bringing the periphery closer.  Determine the weaving happening, able to happen. Include a mapping section in your report.

2. Listen to the web on their behalf.  “Listening” means things like conducting searches on the web, via Twitter, and Facebook.  See what people are saying about the specific organization, but also see what people are saying about relevant topics and events.  Include a listening section in your report.

3. Inventory and assess an organization’s web content.  Start a spreadsheet; name, describe, evaluate each page.  Include an inventory and assessment section…

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