What is SMS doing to language? Personally, I think SMS is doing many things to the language. For starters, I think it is taking away from children, adolescence in particular, in their ability to use proper and correct grammar. Myself, I text so often that while I am writing a paper for school, I sometimes type, i instead of I or u instead of you. I see it and correct it right away but for younger children who are just learning the fundamentals of grammar, this may be a more difficult transition and distinction for the them to absorb in their ever so spongful, moldable brains. I have also noticed the younger generation speaking as if they were texting. For example,the abbriviation OMG, to actually saying the letters, O-M-G. With this, it is changing the way in which people, younger people, speak. This is a minor example, but it is still a…

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About hflute
Heather is currently teaching two sections of English 120 at NDSU while on a journey through academic enlightenment through the path of English Composition. She is passionate about reading a variety of books and is always excited to become encapsulated in an engaging research project. She also loves coffee and puns.

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