We’ve been following social media promo

We’ve been following social media promotion of Giving Hearts Day in North Dakota (Feb. 14), and I’ve been encouraging local organizations to use #givinghearts13 as a Twitter hashtag. Someone might wonder, why do that?
1. When I search Twitter for “Giving Hearts Day” instead of a hashtag, I get all sorts of posts with the words giving, hearts, and day. I do find some relevant tweets, but have to filter through the other stuff.
2. When I click on the hashtag #givinghearts13 I get all the posts that have used that hashtag: 100% relevant.
3. Having an event hashtag helps build a sense of community and collaboration. While all the organizations are “competing” for donations, my sense is that the day itself would get more attention if the organizations promoted the day in general. This point would be worth researching.

What are your thoughts? What do hashtags do for an event? What questions do you still have about hashtags? And would #GivingHeartsDay13 be a better hashtag? A little longer, but fully descriptive.

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