Tips/Resources About Creating Videos

When I took this class as an undergraduate and I learned that I had to create and upload a video of myself to YouTube, I was so nervous. I didn’t know what to say and I was worried about what my classmates might think of me.  I was able to get past those fears, and I actually found myself enjoying the entire experience.  One of the things I enjoyed most was the personal connection that I felt with my classmates.  I enjoyed being able to see their faces in the videos that they posted.  I liked being able to hear them talk and actually see them.  It was a nice change from just interacting with them through primarily text based mediums.

If you are nervous about recording and uploading a video of yourself onto the Web, just know that you are not the only person in the class who feels that way.  If you can work through your nervousness, you will get a lot out of the experience.  I want you each to know that this is doable and useful for the future.  Here are some tips for you about how to record and edit videos:

  • The TLMC (Technology Learning & Media Center) on campus in IACC 150C offers the following services:
    • A recording studio to record and edit audio recordings.
    • A media studio to record and edit videos.
    • Access to video and audio editing software.
  • It is possible to record a basic headshot video directly in YouTube if you set up a YouTube account and have a webcam on your computer.  Just go to this page for instructions and information.
    • After recording in YouTube, it is then possible to edit your video directly in YouTube using their Video Editor feature.  You can add text, transitions, and music to your video.  You can even crop it.
      • The Video Editor feature in YouTube will also work even if you did not create your video directly in YouTube.  You can also use it to edit videos that you upload.

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