Impromptu Task: Watch How Local Nonprofits Pursue Impact Foundation Funding

Eligible North Dakota non-profits can have donations made to them doubled, up to $4000, if a donation is made on February 14th.  The Impact Foundation (administering the Dakota Medical Fund) cleverly calls this “Giving Hearts Day.”  Your impromptu assignment is to pay attention to how local non-profits are promoting their cause.  Watch for things like videos tailored to the day, images designed for the day, Facebook and Twitter updates, and  other unique strategies.  Share what you find with the class via Twitter or your blog–remember you can use blogs for more than just blog essays.  I noticed tonight that Hospice of the Red River Valley changed their Facebook cover photo and used the GHD logo. Charism made a Facebook post on January 28th, but they went with a different look and slogan: open your heart. . . . They both use Twitter: see how they both handled the event there; see how they will handle it going forward.

For an incredible list of ND (and some MN) non-profits, check out the Impact Foundation’s extensive database.





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