Getting Techie: HootSuite

I promised to get a little techie this week, primarily by recommending HootSuite. HootSuite will allow you to manage your Twitter account(s), your Facebook account(s), and even your WordPress account all through the same interface.  SMSG is a bit down on HootSuite and similar services because Heather Mansfield recommends finding a unique voice for each channel, but she doesn’t give HootSuite quite enough credit as a “follow” tool.  It is somewhat easier for me to see what is going on with my three Twitter feeds, my three Facebook feeds, my WordPress account (unfortunately I can’t seem to break it out by blog) and my two Linked In accounts.

Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 10.28.53 PM

Screen shot of one Twitter account: feeds, mentions, direct message, and sent messages.


I was going to make you a video, but my 14 year son has taught me over and over again to look for videos before I make them.  I found a nice “HootSuite for Beginners Video,” and I’m sure you can find other relevant ones to help you out.  You can get a free account to manage three streams; I pay $6 a month in order to manage all of my streams.  The nonprofits you work with might be thrilled to learn about HootSuite, so please check it out so you can share it with them.

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