Electronic Communications

  • Who do I want to be online…


That seems like a silly question at first glance and for those that realize how I write will learn that I’ve been looking at that question for awhile now.  The fact of the matter is that I’ve never put too much stock into who I want to be online.  When I’m online, it’s not that I become a different person, I become… a virutal representation of myself, that is to say, nothing really changes.  There are some that perhaps become more violent or vocal online when they have the computer screen to hide behind… Jeph Jacque’s “Internet Argument” describes the behavior I’m talking about.  I simply am who I am, and a computer box (as my mother puts it) is simply another venue to share my own personality.  

Recently, I’ve considered who I should be online vs. who I am.  Since…

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