EC457: A sample blog essay #2. I couldn’t find the right image, but wanted to share this with you before the start of the weekend.

Kevin Brooks

Two weeks into the semester, and I have my students blogging and tweeting.  For week two, I am specifically asking them to compare the long and the short form, the blog or webpage and the tweet or status update.  I’ve also been encouraging them to follow nonprofit organizations to see what they are doing with the long and short form writing.  I’m sharing my observations to give them a model.

I’ve been following nonprofits that do work in various African countries to see how they get their message out–trying to steal some ideas I can use with African Soul, American Heart.  “My ARms Wide Open” is a Vancouver-based organization that, according to its tagline, is “Empowering South African Communities.”

I was particularly drawn to their tweeting this week.  They made three data-point posts in a row:

  1. #GirlEffect: Approximately 1/4 of girls…

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