A sample “blog essay” in which I analyze the Surfrider Foundation’s website persona and strategies. My essay hit 1000 words; I’ve only asked for 400-500, but you are welcome to go further.

Kevin Brooks

I’ve decided to write a “persona analysis” and website analysis of the Surfrider Foundation because it gets mentioned in both Social Media for Social Good and Networked Nonprofit as being an organization that has used social media effectively.  SMSG gives us checklists of best-practices for every tool we will look at, but I’m not going to employ, and you don’t have to employ, every single item on the checklist in your analysis.  I’m going to add in a few teacher comments that you don’t need to include in your posts; otherwise, this is a model for you to draw on.


SMSG makes the point that a web 1.0 technology like a webpage is still a great return on investment, and a website can be designed and customized more extensively than a Facebook Page or Twitter account, so a website’s “persona,” the character it is meant to invoke, becomes really…

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