Week 17: All good things must come to an end.

Congratulations to all of you for making it to the end of #ec457 (almost)! The attrition rate in online courses is much higher than f2f courses, and of course #ec457 is no ordinary online course!  I hope the course has given all of you a chance to experience online education in a new or different way, and that the experience will benefit you in future online learning situations.  

In order to complete all the assignments, of course, you may still need to:

1. Send me your self-and-group assessment memo ASAP.  Last week’s video explains it, this little sample memo should give you a structure to work with (https://electroniccommunication.wordpress.com/idea-pages/sample-memo/) and of course you should consult the assignment itself.  https://electroniccommunication.wordpress.com/assignments/service-learning-the-networked-nonprofit-assignment/
I’d like to get grades back to everyone tomorrow (Monday) if possible.  

2. Write your “blogging and slogging” memo for the second half of the course.  Due May 11th.
Some of you might want to put this off because it will be a little hard to acknowledge that you didn’t write many posts or do much personal social media work during the second half of the course, but I encourage you to just write up the memo, reflect on why keeping up this work was so hard, and move on to the other remaining assignment(s). I’ll even offer 10 bonus points to all memos I have received or will received before midnight tomorrow (May 7th).  

3. Write your book reviews and / as final exam.  Due May 13th. No bonus points to offer here, but earlier than the 13th would be helpful to me.  
Please remember that I changed this assignment up a bit, so consult the new iteration, and notice that I am asking for some pretty specific details.  I also say “1500 words minimum” but it might take 2500 to really do the books justice.

4. Revising your first-half essay is optional, but I hope many of you can find the time to make some improvement.  I say that not because the essays weren’t good–they were.  But Jade is collecting the essays and will publish an ebook from the class.  I will assume that your essay (whether revised or not) is going to be included in the collection unless you tell me and Jade otherwise.  If we make any money off the book, I will donate it to your organizations equally.  

I will also post a final video tomorrow night, consistent with my new workflow.  

If anyone has time for a Google Hangout this week, I think it would be the perfect wrap-up party for the course.  Check out all the nonprofits in G+ while you are there.  


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