Artist Book

Come take a look at my artist book using  This book is mainly for my Baccalaureate in Art and it shows my journey in the class as well as outside of class.

3 Responses to Artist Book

  1. kab13 says:

    Oscar, I see that Laurie Anderson’s white suit, rather than David Byrne’s, was your inspiration. Anderson and Byrne have followed similar career paths, and if you are interested, I would encourage you to keep reading, researching, and learning from the new wave punk movement in America, late 70s through the 80s. And of course keep following Byrne and Anderson–both very influential multimedia artists.

    • oxgar says:

      I will thanks, I really enjoyed watching “O Superman” by Laurie Anderson on YouTube. It’s very catchy.

      • kab13 says:

        Anderson and Byrne have done a wonderful job over their careers of exploring and expanding the role of the artist into investigations of science and technology. Anderson did a project with NASA; Byrne did a really interesting exploration of PowerPoint as art. And of course they have both done hundreds of other things. Tremendous role models to follow; immerse yourself in their work! And dance to it, while you are at it. They do like to have fun.

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