Week 16: It ain’t so dead!

Dead week at NDSU has never made a heck of a lot of sense for English classes; our students are always busy finishing up major assignments, not typically studying for final exams. Week 16 on my schedule fits this bill.

WK 16 April 30-May-6


  • Completely wrap up non-profit work.
  • Write project report, including self-and-group assessment.  Synthesize what you know about using social media effectively on behalf of an organization.  This report is most fully described as item #3 on the “deliverables” list on this page: https://electroniccommunication.wordpress.com/assignments/service-learning-the-networked-nonprofit-assignment/
  • Try to complete your revised essay by this week if you have not already, although you can have until as late as May 13 if you need the time. I have asked Jade Sandbulte to collect our essays into an ebook; seemed like a fitting way to synthesize all your work.  Please fill out his survey about the preferred method; let me know if you have any concerns.


  • Anything relevant.

Blogging and slogging.

  • Reflective blog; a more informal take on your experience.  Maybe you will want to use it to also sell yourself as a social media expert.
  • Consider writing about your personal strategic plan for social media: what tools are you going to keep using, what tools do you want to learn about, why? What are your goals, and how does social media fit into them?


  • I encourage you to do a face-to-face wrap up with your organization, make sure they are set to keep up your work, or bring some closure to the project in one way or another.
  • Ask your organization to send you and me their assessment report.  Nothing fancy; an email reflecting on your impact will be sufficient. A May 7th deadline would be appreciated.


Alyssa asked for an assignment description of the book review / final, which will the main item to work on during week 17.  Here’s the link:


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