MMORPG and Social Media ReDo

Visit my google document, MMORPG and Social Media Chatper 14, to witness the changes I made to the document.  I would gladly be open to suggestions if you think it’s not working.

2 Responses to MMORPG and Social Media ReDo

  1. kab13 says:

    Love the cover! Do you have the time and interest to work with Jade on being the ebook designer? New New Media: The Missing Chapters.

    I only skimmed, but I can tell you that the chapter would still benefit from a conclusion. Diablo III with its release date coming up works pretty well, but remember people will read this after May 15, 2012 (because it will be an ebook sensation), and you could / should come to a conclusion about MMORPGs and social media.

    Let me know when it is done done. k

    • oxgar says:

      thanks, ok will do.

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