Lessons from Corky the Cat

In case you haven’t seen the latest Fargo Internet Phenomenon, Corky the Cat, read all about it!

What the story doesn’t mention is the Chelsea, John, and Matt have been swept up in this Internet juggernaut.  They innocently contracted with Cat’s Cradle when it had about 1,000 “likes” on Facebook; currently over 7,000!  While they have done good work with the organization, their work has been much like the other projects–setting up Twitter, consulting on Facebook.  They’ve made 61 tweets and have 52 followers.  The key to “going viral” hasn’t really been the social media strategy so much as it has been a story people care about–a cat born with its legs on backwards.  The point for all of us, I think, is to make sure we have our social networks in place (and Facebook alone might be enough!), but then find the stories, or tell the stories, that people are interested in.  Or, slight variation, start the conversations that people want to be apart of.

As you wrap up with your organizations, be sure to talk to them about stories, visual and verbal, tell them about Corky, and just encourage them to keep their social media channels integrated into their workflow. They  might find themselves on Wolff Blitzer someday too.


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