Take a Minute, Imagine

Visit my blog to maintain happiness, finding that “perfect” place.  Also keep in mind the Wellspring For The World website has new pictures under the “News” button.  Also Also my blog has a new theme!

2 Responses to Take a Minute, Imagine

  1. wooshkah says:

    I wonder if the pictures actually belong under the “news” category. As someone just looking through the website, it feels like the pictures should be included elsewhere. Possibly, changing the tab about the video into something more descriptive to encompass the photos and videos would be helpful.

    • oxgar says:

      I’m assuming the reason why the “pictures” show up under “news” is probably because their wasn’t enough space for the “pictures” to align with the rest of the buttons. I agree, the pictures should be placed elsewhere. I’m thinking home page.

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