Week 14 Schedule: April 16-22

I made two small tweaks: I put a direct link to Karl Stolley’s article (which I will talk about on my podcast), and I suggest that you talk to each other about what you are doing, what is working, what isn’t.  Lisa was in my office on Friday and told me what she was trying to do in order to build “likes” for her organization, but she wasn’t having a lot of luck.  I gave her a few ideas, but I bet all of you would have good suggestions as well.  The reality is, if your organization is doing interesting things, it / they will gain attention.  If you are just trying to get people to like them, that might not be as appealing.


  • Start or continue implementation of your strategic plan.
  • Perhaps revisit your first-half essay if you haven’t done so already.



  • Continue blogging and slogging (or making videos, or telling stories in some other format), especially on behalf of your organization.
  • On your own blog, write at least one reflective blog towards the end of the week about your work.
  • Continue to use conversation starters, collaboration tools, and network builders (p. 5 NN).


  • Keep in touch with partners and org.
  • Talk to the rest of the class (through blogs or twitter) about how your work is going.  What are you doing to start conversations, to build up the “likes,” to Tweet, etc.?


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