Week 13: Wrapping up the strategic plan, putting it into action

I have only seen one group post a full draft of their assessment report and strategic plan, although I know others are being developed as I type. What that means is that week 13 is probably a blended week, a transition week–finish up the document, get feedback from me and your org, and then start putting your plan to work.  This also means that we are a little behind schedule and implementation activities are likely to spill into week 16, the final week of the semester.  I’ll post a video tomorrow (Monday); long weekends always seem busier than regular weekends.



  • Finish reports and begin implementation of strategic plan. See your plan put to use.
  • Identify challenges of switching from personal use to “corporate use.”


  • Start re-reading Networked Nonprofit (or at least finish it!) because books really need to be read more than once, you probably missed some good ideas the first time through, and you have to do a review of this book and New New Media by May 13.

Blogging and slogging

  • Your blogging and slogging activities should start to shift from personal to organizational, although you can 1) use your personal tools to promote your organization—often your personal posts will catch the eyes of your network better than the organizational post; 2) reflect on how your organizational work is going.  Notice what’s similar or different about posting as part of a “networked nonprofit.”
  • Be highly aware of the fact that you are reflecting in public. If something about the process  / assignment is frustrating you, you’d be better off sending me an email. Expressing frustration with your organization would not be a good move.


  • Keep in touch with your partner and your org throughout the process.  Remember that you can also be working on internal communication, so you might have a wiki or forum set up, or you might just have a regular email report planned.
  • Remember that you are also trying to empower your org to carry on the social media work, not just do work for them for 3 weeks then leave.

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