Week 12 Schedule

WK 12 April 2-8


  • Finish assessment and strategic plan.  Learn / practice these professional genres: assessment report, strategic plans.
  • Apply what you are learning / have learned about social media and networked nonprofits.


Blogging and Slogging

  • Take a close look at one of the nonprofits featured in NN; see what you can learn from them, and blog about it.   Video or audio blog about it, if you see yourself need to work on video or audio projects for your organization.
  • Keep practicing with the tools you think you will use.  Kanter and Fine are clear that no organization needs to use all tools; pick the ones you (and they) are comfortable with and that fit their needs.
Tim Prestero - Design that Matters

Tim Prestero - Design that Matters (Photo credit: dpict.info)


  • Deliver your assessment report and strategic plan to your non-profit.  Talk through your suggestions, make adjustments (i.e. revisions), and then start putting the plan into action when you get the green light.  Send me a copy as well, but send me the one that you use after the meeting with your NP.
  • Because of scheduling issues, or just the complexity of the task, you might not be able to finish the report by this Sunday.  That’s okay; if the work spills into next week, you will still have 3 weeks for implementation.
  • Be sure to keep in touch with your partner or group, even if you have to say “I’m swamped right now, but I can do my tasks by Friday!”


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