Twitter or not to Twitter

Even before our first meeting with Wellsprings for the World I could already see that they were having some trouble maintaining their website. Just like most nonprofit companies, keeping up their website is usually someone’s second job. That made me a little hesitant in suggesting to them, that they might want to consider using Twitter? Twitter is one of the most valuable social medias being used by nonprofit organizations today. So I asked myself…Is using Twitter right for this company, or would it be just be another technology for them to learn and support? Do the benefits out weigh the negatives?

For the most part, Wellsprings for the World’s marketing area has been Fargo/Moorhead. We proposed, that if they wanted to reach a broader audience that they should consider using Twitter. They agreed to give it a try. I am hopeful that using Twitter will help them with “networking” and getting connected with other nonprofit organizations like themselves. I also, feel comfortable in saying that it won’t take too much of their time to use and maintain a Twitter account.

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2 Responses to Twitter or not to Twitter

  1. PammyPearl says:

    Oops! I didn’t mean to post directly to this page…oh well too late. 🙂 Sorry!

  2. kab13 says:

    That’s okay; easy to respond to. Setting up Twitter is a good start, but be prepared to really work with Wellspring to understand how to use Twitter. I think it was Katie who shared a great video about Twitter: at first it is mystifying to users, they quit, maybe they come back later, maybe they figure it out, maybe they don’t.

    I emphasize in my video for this week that establishing conversations, relationships, and interactions on FB and Twitter is the really big challenge. Can Wellspring get into a conversation with Charity: Water online? That would be productive? Can they get into conversations with organizations that work in the places where wells have been drilled? or where wells are about to be drilled? Those might be good conversations!

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