Quick guide to week 11

Interact with our special guest:


  • Move quickly into working with an organization; get your partnership off to a good start!
  • Follow Beth and Allison to see how their thinking has evolved.  See if they will interact with you; hard to imagine any people as responsive as Paul Levinson, but let’s see what happens.


  • Part One (chapters 3-7) in Networked Nonprofit.
  • Beth Kanter’s and Allison Fine’s blogs, linked from http://ec457.org
  • Levinson’s chapter on Podcasting.

Blogging and slogging.

  • Explore podcasting via Allison Fine’s Social Good podcast: http://philanthropy.com/article/The-Power-of-Stories-in-Social/130671/
  • See if you can add an audio file to a blog post; not quite a podcast, but gets you working with audio files.  Monthly podcasts or some other kind of storytelling approach with audio might be a good idea for your organization.
  • Write at least one blog post; draw on readings and interaction with your organization.


  • Contact your organization, MEET WITH THEM F2F, talk to them about their needs, start to work on assessment and strategic plan.  If you can get this work started in week 10, even better.  I am asking you to work pretty quickly on the assessment and planning stage.
  • Develop a clear work plan with your partner or group.  Identify who is going to do what.  Consider constructing a task list and assigning those tasks.
  •  Consider attending the Nonprofit Friday event in Second Life on March 28th: a Drive In screening part from their digital storytelling conference.


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